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Strictly Rock

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Strictly Rock

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New Songs Uploaded 10-15-15

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New Songs Uploaded 10-15-15
1.Strictly Rock Disc 2 - 20 song: Ints
2. The Portal Of What Shouldn't Be 20 song: Instrumentals

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Other Albums By RDV Rock Group Posted @ The Very Bottom:


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These Are Instrumentals From their rock album called: Strictly Rock I love The S*it. Also Featuring The Alternative Rock and Pop Group United Instruments; Their Separate album.

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Run time 114 minutes 8 seconds
Producer RDV The Rock Group
Audio/Visual sound, color


Other already finished Albums By RDV Rock Group:

RDV The Rock Group: The portal of what shouldn't be the rock album 2010
F Mean Artists Fav Tracks:

1. The trust 3:50
2. The concept 4:00
3. The reason why 2:00
4. The deduction 3:00
5. The water 4:30
6. The miles
7. The reason of nature
8. The friend of me
9. The dead answer
10. The power of riffs
11. The dual of heart
12. The gravel of source
13. The position of life
14. The water raft
15. The understanding
16. The devil
17. The solar of love
18. The grimy past
19. The choice we have
20. outro.
RDV : The rocks in the gravel shine’ing from the sun ( double cd)rock music) 2011

1. Apples and fruit
2. The yester day
3. Out come
4. Walking down my street
5. Appelent and justice
6. Round of the raft
7. Girls and girls and girls
8. The unlimited volume
9. Around the reason’s why I left you like I did
10. He was not in my selling
11. Question and answers
12. Graphic and obey
13. Lust and only grime
14. Working for the white man
15. Over into my pleasure
16. Whats in the feeling
17. Can I feal it
18. The mourn in the guitar
19. Afther effects
20. Soulja punk rock

RDV : The rocks in the gravel shine’ing from the sun ( double cd)disc 2

1. 21. Words too the mices
2. 22. Telling in my living room
3. 23. So your really ready
4. 24. Devestated
5. 25. Closed memoirs open legs
6. 26. Water in the basement
7. 27. Supplement
8. 28. Wash in the danger zone
9. 29. You are the one who I expected
10. 30. Nigger part two
11. 31. The rocks in the gravel
12. 32. Shine’ing from the sun
13. 33. Extracted from soil
14. 34. Macabre in the actor mane
15. 35. You are now truant
16. 36. Help these selfish spirits
17. 37. Guide in my pocket
18. 38. Well I’m sorry bitch
19. 39. Ever ready dura well
20. 40. Outro
RDV the self titled album called RDV @2012

1. The woods
2. Whats wrong
3. Now that we’re here
4. You are in the mood
5. Hall worlds
6. You and the pleasure
7. The earth is the planet
8. open moment
9. In the mood
10. His and hers
11. Now that we breathe
12. outro
RDV The Rock Group – This World Is Priceless 2013 Album

2.Grade C
4.Change Your Ways
7. Real Talk
8.Buildings and Egos
9. Heated Purpose
RDV: The mist is being cleared threw vibes 2014

1. Words to the wise
2. The trust
3. Fuck her
4. Now that’s the reason
5. Now it’s over
6. Soulja ballets
7. Torment
8. Trust and trust foundation
9. The lords house
10. The picture perfect reason
11. Trininity and maxwell
12. Last conception


RDV: The nature of rock meditation 2015

1. Now now right now
2. Jewls and Tabitha
3. Right angle
4. Post up the passion
5. Trail mix
6. This is what it is
7. You and the other
8. Gravity
9. Laws on pussy
10. That’s in the paper
11. That’s in and that’s out
12. She is ready for more
13. Positive and motivational
14. Grade A class D license
15. Portable pass
16. Cold so very cold

RDV – strictly rock: I love the shit double cd 40 tracks 2011

1. Intro
2. The dove in water (F) (R)
3. Guilty conscious ((F)
4. End up in real(F)
5. She’s so lovely(F) (R)
6. Helium (R)
7. Strictly rock
8. Dune the rhythm ( ft slyaer)
9. Bread and the water when it’s needed
10. Next methods(F)
11. High terrific
12. Down (F)
13. Guide me ( ft dosrg)
14. High passion
15. Fithteen and ten(F)
16. weather or not you like rather(F) (R)
17. well lee I’m for real (F) (R)
18. Now that you
19. justice in the portal(F) (R)
20. vile in my room(F)

Disc 2 RDV– strictly rock I love the shit double cd 40 tracks

1- 21. Friend up the door(F) (R)
2- 22. Watching the (F) (R)
3- 23. HELL(F)
4- 24. Words that hurt (F) (R)
5- 25. Breath of the mile
6- 26. Health and disguise
7- 27. The debate is soft(F) (R)
8- 28. The heated room
9- 29. The breakfast(F) (R)
10- 30. Infested (F)
11- 31. Nigger(F) (R)
12- 32. worse set up(F)
13- 33. that’s word up(F) (R)
14- 34. Hill the eyes
15- 35. How in the nature and the name of the never boy
16- 36. Eclipsed (F)
17- 37. District republic
18- 38. Dead gorgeous
19- 39. Grafton oaks (R)


Reviewer: regardlessdv - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 15, 2015
Subject: Real reality Logic's
These Instrumentals Are Very Good. Rock And Alternative Rock. A S*it Load Of Riffs and More. Very Enjoying. Just Let these artists be independent...

The Best way to like Music is with out Bipolar - being mentally and physically clear of things that can make you feel or believe wrong about music. Being one with music is sometimes better than physically being there with a human that makes music.
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